Speaking ahead of a ministerial statement in Parliament today (29 May), Patrick Harvie, Green MSP for Glasgow, is warning the Scottish Government that it needs to fast-track policies to reduce harmful climate change emissions.

Environment minister Paul Wheelhouse is due to give an update on the government's plans for adapting to climate change. Last summer ministers buried a number of reports detailing the threats Scotland faces by publishing them without any announcement at the start of the parliamentary recess.

The threats include floods, storms, droughts, farmland pests, power cuts and food shortages.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

"The Scottish Government knows that Scotland must adapt to a changing climate, but so far it hasn't begun building the more resilient local economies we'll need in future. We simply can't afford another rehash of the same old policies. We've heard rhetoric on climate change for too long, without the policy change that's required.

"As well as adapting to climate change, the need for radical policies to reduce pollution has never been greater. Scotland has missed its first two annual emissions reduction targets, with an announcement due soon on the third.

"The Government has failed to listen to the many voices calling for stronger policies on transport, housing and energy, simply storing up bigger problems for future years. Given last year's attempt to bury this issue the minister must now deliver a meaningful statement of plans with funding and timescales."


Scotland is facing more than 100 serious threats to our way of life because of rising pollution that is affecting the climate, according to a series of new assessments by the Scottish Government (Sunday Herald, 7 July 2013)