Tue 27 Oct, 2015

Patrick-looking-up-reduced-size-SMALLPatrick Harvie MSP says today's Ministerial statement on Scotland's Greenhouse Gas Emission targets was a missed opportunity for the SNP Government to show real commitment to energy efficient housing as part of efforts to tackle climate change and fuel poverty. The latest report confirmed that Scotland’s climate change targets have been missed once again.

Harvie asked Aileen McLeod, Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, to provide information on the funding and timetable for improvements in energy efficient housing planned as part of the Government’s National Infrastructure Priority. Concerns over delays in these urgently needed measures were confirmed as Aileen McLeod stated she was unable to provide any further detail on the Government's plans.

Patrick said:

"We've heard plenty of talk from the Scottish Government on its intentions to prioritise energy efficient housing in tackling climate change, yet we continue to be kept in the dark about how the SNP plan to make homes warmer and better insulated.

"The Scottish Government have managed reductions in some areas, but household emission cuts have dragged far behind. While the SNP push back further action until after the May's election, climate change targets remain unmet and tens of thousands of Scots are facing yet another cold winter in homes that are not fit for living."

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