Sun 13 Dec, 2015

Patrick Harvie MSP, finance spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, said this week's draft budget from the Scottish Government must deliver on the ambition of the global climate deal struck in Paris.



The agreement aims to curb global warming to less than 2 degrees C by the end of the century.



Patrick Harvie said:



"The intentions signalled by the Paris agreement cannot be achieved unless fossil fuels are urgently abandoned. Scotland's response should acknowledge the direction of travel, and we are well placed to make the switch to clean technology to sustain our economy and our society.



"This week's draft budget statement from the Scottish Government must deliver serious investment in the low carbon infrastructure our country needs, in turn creating the jobs of the future. Energy efficient housing, better public transport and support for community and publicly owned renewables have been consistent priorities from the Scottish Greens. A bold budget and a clear commitment to move away from unburnable oil and gas is the only credible response."

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