Climate Change Committee are right - we must act faster

Scotland and the UK must go further and faster in addressing the climate crisis.

Today`s progress report from the Climate Change Committee must serve as a wake-up call for Holyrood and Westminster to go faster on taking urgent climate action.

Scottish Greens climate spokesperson Mark Ruskell MSP said: “The CCC is absolutely right that both the Scottish and UK Governments need to be bolder and act faster. It should come as no surprise to anyone that this is exactly the message my Scottish Green colleagues and I have been pressing with our government partners and officials. 

“For too long too little was done. That’s why the Scottish Greens entered into our cooperation agreement. Since then, we have made big steps forward, the climate committee has recognised the progress made on home heating and renewable electricity. But there is still a major gap in action and this is the moment to move up a gear. 

He added: “This is particularly true for farming and transport, which for too long have seen too little progress. This is where the biggest challenge now lies, and Scottish Green MSPs will be pushing hard for progress in these areas over the coming months.   

“We are now at last in a better position to be working with the farming sector to drive change, and this must be reflected in the new Agriculture bill, which the Scottish Greens are helping to shape. 

“The acknowledgment from the committee that Scottish Green policies on expanding renewable energy to decarbonising homes and buildings, accelerating peatland restoration, and cutting emissions from aviation and road vehicles are the right ones, is welcome. 

“With our colleagues in government, we remain committed to delivering for our climate and pushing on the vital next steps needed to get there before 2045.”

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