Climate Assembly aims delivered by Greens

Most of the key recommendations of Scotland’s climate assembly are now being delivered by the Scottish Greens in government.

Scotland’s climate assembly was established by a Green amendment to the Climate Act in 2019 and produced 81 recommendations earlier this year.

Most have been accepted by the report from the Scottish Government today in response

Many, such as those on waste and consumption reduction, fuel poverty, transport, and more are reflected in legislation already announced and the draft National Planning Framework.

These include a Circular Economy Bill, Ban on Single-Use Plastics, Fair Fares Review, Land Reform Bill, Heat in Buildings Strategy and 20-Minute Neighbourhoods.

Commenting, Scottish Greens climate spokesperson Mark Ruskell said: “The Climate Assembly has created a powerful mandate for change and now in government we can deliver on its recommendations.

“However, there remains a clear gap where Scotland doesn’t yet have the powers necessary to take the action needed. For example, we have included trials of a four-day working week in the latest budget, but clearly things like taxes on aviation or carbon could only be implemented with the full powers of independence.

“Scotland has a huge potential to lead Europe’s efforts to tackle the climate emergency. With Greens in government we are just getting started.”