CCC report: It’s about survival

We need climate action from all levels and areas of government.

Today’s hard-hitting Climate Change Committee (CCC) report shows actions driven by Scottish Greens in government are leading the way in decarbonising our homes, says its climate spokesperson. 

Mark Ruskell MSP welcomed CCC experts acknowledging progress in delivering wind power and renewables at a faster rate than anywhere else in the UK to lower emissions with investment and changes in planning laws.  

He pointed to its recommendation that the Heat In Buildings bill led by Patrick Harvie - ‘could become a template for the rest of the UK’ - as being an indication of where Scottish Green influence is laying groundwork for game changing action at scale. 

Mr Ruskell said: “Having Scottish Greens in government means we have managed to get climate onto the agenda at a scale that simply would not have happened without us.

“But for all the progress we have made overcoming those challenges, it is not enough, and people need to wake up to that fact. 

“This isn’t about votes, it's not about political posturing, it’s about survival. 

“For years the Climate Change Committee have been calling for more urgent action to drive down emissions from home heating, and finally with a Scottish Green minister leading the way, we have a plan to create greener, warmer homes in Scotland. 

“Using our abundant renewable energy supplies instead of fossil fuels to heat homes is a no brainer, and I welcome the CCC report acknowledging that our plan could lead the way for the rest of the UK. 

“It cannot be overstated how much more difficult it is for Scotland though, with both the Tory party and Labour intent on reversing climate action at a UK level while giving the go ahead to new oil fields in the North Sea.

“Today’s CCC report demonstrates how high the stakes are if we are to remain on track to achieve our legally binding net zero obligations by 2045. 

“We need to see the same level of action we’ve shown in home heating right across all levels and areas of Government, including agriculture and transport. We all need to play a part and work together on delivering this and with Scottish Green influence we stand a far better chance.”

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