As the UK and Scottish cabinets meet in the North-east, the Scottish Greens have criticised both for their deferential approach towards the fossil fuel industry.


Patrick Harvie, Green MSP said:


"Talk of the 'greenest ever government' and 'world leading Scottish climate targets' will count for little in Aberdeen. Both the Prime Minister and the First Minister are falling over each other to court the fossil fuel industry. It's a pretty sickening sight.


"I want to hear less about a clash of cabinets and more about a clash of ideas on what we choose to do with our remaining fossil fuel reserves. It's one of the most important decisions for Scotland's future and our leadership in the world.


"Oil and gas can only offer a real economic value if we use them sparingly, within ecological limits. Many in the SNP still recall the slogan "it's Scotland's oil". Well maybe it was, but we've burned too much of it already. The future must be clean, green and renewable, or it'll be no future at all.


"Greens are campaigning for a Yes vote because we see it as a route to the political change our society needs, not an opportunity to repeat all the same mistakes from an Energy Department in Glasgow or Aberdeen instead of London."