Call for UKIP MEP to resign over racist slur

At their National Council meeting today, the Scottish Green Party voted unanimously to call for the resignation of UKIP MEP David Coburn. This is in light of his shocking comparison of Scottish Government minister Humza Yousaf MSP to terrorist Abu Hamza [1].

Speaking after the Council decision, Alison Johnstone said:

“Even set against UKIP's track record, David Coburn's comments are utterly reprehensible. This racism isn't just unwelcome, it is unacceptable and the Scottish Green Party are calling for his resignation as an MEP and his expulsion from UKIP. By allowing Mr Coburn to remain in UKIP Nigel Farage would be showing just how tolerant their party is of this kind of hate speech.

That David Coburn could even think of saying such a thing shows just how out of step UKIP are with Scottish society. Their divisive, hateful politics will never be welcome here.”