Call for Israel and Hamas to allow evacuation of trapped civilians

Co-leader Lorna Slater is urging the UK Government to help facilitate a humanitarian corridor

The Scottish Greens have condemned the killing of hundreds of civilians by Hamas and Israel and called on countries to facilitate the safe evacuation of millions of people trapped between both sides.

They are urging the international community to proactively facilitate an immediate ceasefire, and called on the UK government to use their influence to establish a humanitarian corridor into Gaza before further innocent lives are lost.

Scottish Greens co-leader Lorna Slater MSP said: “The images and stories emerging from Gaza and Palestine are horrendous and will only get worse unless both sides can be persuaded to stop the killing.

“I absolutely condemn the abhorrent actions of Hamas at the weekend. Their deliberate targeting of civilians was an unjustifiable act of terror. 

“I am deeply concerned by Israel’s actions since then. The siege of Gaza and indiscriminate bombing is killing innocent people, including children, and causing immense suffering. Collective punishment of innocent civilians is completely unacceptable. 

“There must be an immediate and sustained ceasefire on both sides and the urgent creation of a humanitarian corridor to allow for the evacuation of civilians currently trapped, and to facilitate getting food, water and aid to reach those in need.

“I would urge the UK Government to join in others in making this happen before it is too late”

Ms Slater’s comments echo those of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf. The Scottish Greens have also reached out to communities impacted by the unfolding situation.

She added: “My thoughts, and that of the Scottish Greens, are with the innocent victims of this conflict in Israel and Palestine, and our heart goes out to those in Scotland whose family and friends have been caught up in this conflict.”