Buffer zones a springboard to stronger reproductive rights for Scotland

Gillian Mackay MSP received further support from the First Minister during today's Programme for Government ahead of her Bill going to Parliament this month

The Scottish Government’s backing for introducing buffer zones outside clinics and medical centres providing abortions can be the springboard for strengthening reproductive rights even further, say the Scottish Greens.

Scottish Green MSP Gillian Mackay said her members' bill to create safe access zones, or ‘buffer zones’, outside medical facilities that provide abortion services will be a vital step forward.

Ms Mackay’s bill and reviewing abortion laws to enhance reproductive rights and healthcare for pregnant people was highlighted during the government’s Programme for Government. 

It is due to begin its parliamentary consideration this month. 

Ms Mackay said: “Abortion rights are healthcare. My buffer zone bill will finally end the harassment and abuse that far too many people have had to endure when accessing abortion services.

“The Scottish Government’s support has been invaluable to the process and will be vital in delivering protections and ensuring that we build the strongest possible crossparty consensus and that the bill has a smooth passage through parliament.

“It is important that we review the laws surrounding reproductive rights and that we ensure everybody is able to access the healthcare that we need. 

“I will work closely with the Scottish Government and others to ensure that buffer zones are delivered as soon as possible, but also that it is part of a process of reform and not the end of the conversation.”

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