Scottish Greens said the "timid" budget passed by Parliament tonight showed the need for a bolder Holyrood with more Green voices.

The four MSPs who are members of the Scottish Greens voted against the Government's Budget Bill.

In the debate, the party's Finance spokesperson Patrick Harvie MSP highlighted the opportunity to raise funds fairly and locally to protect frontline services. A Green MSP briefing showed how £400million could be raised.

Patrick said:

"It is disappointing that our proposals for taxing derelict land, allowing councils to raise council tax without penalty, and changing the council tax multiplier were not selected by the Presiding Officer to be put to a vote.

"While it is welcome to see the Finance Minister coming up with additional funds for educational attainment, we must not lose sight of the bigger picture. Class sizes are the biggest they've been since the SNP formed the government, additional support needs provision has been cut and teacher workload is unsustainable. Investment in our teachers is more important than national testing, and is clearly the public's priority.

"Greens have also have argued for better funding to ensure carers are paid a living wage and there has been some movement on that from the Scottish Government but we believe further action is needed. We've also pushed ministers on their promise to make energy efficient housing a National Infrastructure Priority. There's still no budget line for this promise, and indeed fuel poverty spending is set to fall. 2016 was supposed to be the year the government eradicated fuel poverty.

"This budget also sees a massive increase in funds for motorways rather than walking, cycling and public transport to meet Scotland's health, social justice and climate responsibilities. The Scottish Government has not listened to health and climate campaigners. 

"This budget was an opportunity to limit the damage of UK austerity and it was deeply disappointing that Scottish Ministers refused to consider options from any opposition party to prevent drastic cuts in our public services. For all these reasons, Scottish Greens could not support this timid budget. The need for bold, fresh ideas at Holyrood is clear, and Greens are ready to play a bigger role in the next session of Parliament."