Brexit will erode Scotland’s justice system from day one

Scotland’s justice system will be downgraded from the moment we leave the European Union, according to Scottish Greens Justice Spokesperson John Finnie MSP.

Speaking at First Minister’s Questions this afternoon Mr Finnie highlighted that, despite assurances from the Home Office, the European Arrest Warrant will not continue to operate as it currently does, with a number of countries including Germany exercising their constitutional obligations not to extradite citizens outwith the EU.

John Finnie MSP said:

“We’ve long been told that, at least during the transition period, arrangements would continue as usual. We now know that Scotland’s justice system will face a substantial downgrade on day one, with further erosion to come in the months ahead. Scotland’s justice system benefits from mutual cooperation with our friends and neighbours across the EU. It is outrageous that Scotland’s crime fighting capability faces such significant erosion as a direct result of a Brexit project that has been imposed on us against our will.”