Fri 21 Oct, 2022

A Boris Johnson return would be “truly preposterous” and “ridiculous” and would show “a total contempt for the millions of people who suffered through his terrible tenure” according to the Scottish Greens. 

The comments come when there is mounting speculation of Boris Johnson standing to be the Tory leader again.

Scottish Greens Co-leader Patrick Harvie said:

“The speculation would be laughable if the consequences weren’t so serious. We only have to think back a matter of weeks to the lies, chaos and incompetence that eventually forced Boris Johnson out of Downing Street. 

“It is a sign of how desperate things have become for the Tories when they are even talking about bringing him back. He has already shown that he is totally unfit for office. He is still under investigation for the lies he told the last time. 

“For the Tories to make him Prime Minister again would be truly preposterous and ridiculous. It would also show a total contempt for the millions of people who suffered through his terrible tenure. That is exactly why we can’t rule-out the idea of them doing it.

“We need to remove this shambles of a government once and for all. More than that, we need to get away from the politics of inequality and environmental destruction that they represent. 

“In 2014 we were told that independence would mean being dragged out of Europe against our will. They said it would mean austerity and political instability. Staying in the UK has imposed all of this on us, and I defy anyone to say Scotland can't do better than this.”

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Labour devolution report will not halt momentum for independence

Mon 5 Dec, 2022

The latest devolution report overseen by former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown offers no meaningful protection for Scotland, according to the Scottish Greens, who have said that it "will do nothing to halt the momentum for Scottish independence. 

Scottish Greens co-leader, Patrick Harvie MSP said:

European Green Party calls on UK to agree a timeframe for independence referendum

Mon 5 Dec, 2022

The European Green Party and Scottish Green Party have issued a joint statement [1] calling on the UK government to respect Scotland’s right to self-determination and agree on a timeframe for an independence referendum.

Noting the shortcomings of devolution, the broken promises made during the 2014 referendum, and the damage done by a Brexit roundly rejected by the Scottish electorate, the statement recognises that without respect for this right the Union is being “imposed upon the people of Scotland" without any means of expressing their democratic consent.

Scottish Greens call for Labour to respect democracy

Wed 23 Nov, 2022

The Scottish Greens have challenged Labour to back calls for “a real referendum” after the pro-union party’s Shadow Scottish Secretary argued against holding an independence vote. 

A live interview broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland’s Drivetime show tonight saw the Scottish Greens Co-leader, Patrick Harvie MSP, debate the Labour Party’s only Scottish MP, Ian Murray who said Labour would deny a vote if in power at Westminster. 

Mr Harvie said: