Better community consultation needed on Musselburgh Flood Scheme

As the Musselburgh Flood Protection Scheme moves into its design phase, East Lothian Greens are calling for consultation to continue and for nature-based solutions to be fully incorporated into any design going forward.

Following a whole-town meeting in early March, the Council has not confirmed whether any further consultation will take place.

Concerns have been raised that, so far, the format of the consultation may have left many residents unable to have their voice heard.

Shona McIntosh, Green candidate for Musselburgh, has called for a truly participative discussion on the flood risk faced by the town. Shona said:

It is important to remember that the apocalyptic flood event being described by the project team is hypothetical and, in fact remains highly unlikely to occur - even if we were to see significant, climate-change induced sea level rises later in the century.

Lower-level flooding is much more likely and nature-based solutions would be far more effective against this level of threat. We must have a sensible conversation about risk and benefits, and the team must make their modelling public so it can be scrutinised.

East Lothian Greens wish to see a broad range of nature-based solutions (including drain blocking, native tree planting, pond and wetland creation) to be utilised urgently throughout the Esk catchment, and the scope of any further barriers to be fully debated with the public before any designs are carried forward for approval.