Best future for Scotland is an independent republic in Europe

With independence we can be rejoin Europe and elect our own head of state.

Scotland would be best served as an independent republic in Europe, say the Scottish Greens.

Speaking ahead of a Scottish Parliament debate on Building a New Scotland: the Constitution of an Independent Country, the Party’s constitution spokesperson Ross Greer has called for replacing the Monarchy with an elected head of state and rejoining the European Union to be at the heart of the debate on Scotland’s future.

Mr Greer said:

“There is no reason for an independent Scotland to be saddled with badly dated and anti-democratic British relics like the Monarchy. We would be in a new era and have the chance to do things differently, including ditching the weird notion that one family gets to rule over the rest of us by birthright. 

“By electing our head of state we can break with the past and ensure that democracy is right at the heart of the fairer and better country that we are building."

Independence would also be a chance for Scotland to move on from Brexit and rejoin Europe, according to Mr Greer.

Mr Greer added:

“The people of Scotland overwhelmingly voted to remain in Europe, and we have rejected the pro-Brexit Tories and their disastrous vision at every election since.

“Brexit has resulted in families facing sky-high food prices, chronic staff shortages across various sectors and incalculable lost opportunities, especially for our young people.

“Scotland voted against all of it, but within the UK our voice simply doesn’t matter.

“An independent Scotland would make for an ideal EU member state, as made repeatedly clear by senior figures across Europe. Not only would we regain our individual rights as European citizens, but Scotland would take its own seat at the top tables of Europe, giving us incredible opportunities to work with our friends and allies across the continent.”