BBC Debate: Greens' Harvie Will Connect With Voters

Ahead of tomorrow night's Scottish leaders' debate on BBC1, the Scottish Greens say that their co-convener Patrick Harvie MSP will connect with voters on the issues that really matter.

Membership of the Scottish Greens has surged to over 8,600 in recent months, with polls placing them above the Liberal Democrats. The party is, for the first time, standing in the majority of Scotland's Westminster constituencies (31 of 59).

Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone said:

"In this election only the Greens offer the sort of bold policies that our society needs, and viewers will undoubtedly connect with Patrick on the issues he raises in the debate.

"We have an economy in which hundreds of thousands of Scots live in poverty; Greens would tackle that with a £10 minimum wage and a wealth tax on the richest.

"Our public services are being sold off or cut back; only the Greens would bring the railways back into public ownership and oppose the corporate power grab that is the TTIP trade deal.

"And while Scotland should have more powers, we need Green voices at Westminster as well as Holyrood to strongly argue for transfer of powers to local level so communities have control over land, energy and their economies."