Responding to publication by independent think-tank Reform Scotland of research into a Basic Income Guarantee to replace the current work-related benefits system, Kirsten Robb, Women and Youth Employment spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP candidate for Central Scotland, said:Kirsten Robb_small

"Women have been hit hardest by Tory austerity, and the need for bold ideas to create a more equal society has never been greater. A Basic or Citizen's Income coupled with progressive taxation is a longstanding Scottish Green party policy that would ensure work always pays, and would help tackle income inequality.

"It's the sort of fresh thinking that has attracted so many new members to our party, and the idea is clearly gaining traction around the world and across the political spectrum. Although Holyrood will only have limited control over social security, we should welcome this paper from Reform Scotland and hope it helps promote an informed debate about options for the future."


Citizen's Income briefing produced by the Green Yes campaign during the independence referendum