Ariane Burgess MSP welcomes rent cap and eviction ban continuation

The Scottish Greens have welcomed news that a rent cap and eviction ban will remain in place for private tenants until at least autumn. 

The cap and ban were introduced by the party’s Co-leader and Scottish Government minister Patrick Harvie MSP in October 2022 as part of emergency legislation responding to the cost crisis.

After the initial period through to March 31 the eviction ban will now remain in place for all tenants for a further six months until at least September 30 this year. The private sector rent cap will be raised from 0% to 3% for the same period, significantly below inflation.

Scottish Greens housing spokesperson Ariane Burgess MSP said:

“Tens of thousands of tenants up and down the country can breathe a sigh of relief tonight knowing that they remain safe from eviction or spiralling increases in their rents.

“The Scottish Government has not only helped tenants to navigate the cost of living crisis through the dark of winter, but ensured they can plan ahead without fear of losing their homes or facing mounting debt 

“At the same time, it acts as a bridge through to the Housing Bill which is expected this year and will set out longer term rent controls. 

“It shows Scottish Greens, as part of government, are doing what is right in the face of an immediate crisis and demonstrating continued commitment to both.”

She added:

“The emergency rent freeze was an urgent necessity to save lives and, while the cap remains in place, landlords should welcome and recognise this fair timeframe in evolving the measures. 

“We know there is still a long way to go to deliver even further reforms in this sector and that is why I also welcome the commitment to a Housing Bill this year to deliver those longer term reforms.

“Scotland already has the strongest and fairest set of tenant protections anywhere in the UK and as we evolve them further, we know there is widespread interest in their impact.”