Academic report adds weight to fracking ban calls say Greens

The case for fracking in Scotland has “all but vanished” say the Scottish Greens after an academic report published today demonstrated how unsuitable the practice would be in Britain’s terrain.

Expert analysis from Heriot-Watt University also states that the so-called ‘opportunity’ for fracking has been ‘overhyped’.

Mark Ruskell MSP, the Scottish Greens’ climate and energy spokesperson, said:

“The evidence to ban fracking already exists - we have more fossil fuels than we can burn if we want to limit climate change - and this academic report is a welcome addition to it. Any intention the Scottish Government ever had to press ahead with fracking has surely all but vanished because as the report makes it clear the so-called advantages of fracking been ‘overhyped’ and the terrain here is just not suitable for such an invasive practice.

“The challenge now is for the Scottish Government to come off the fence, do away with its vague moratorium and create an outright ban on dangerous fracking in Scotland. Those companies intent on digging up Scotland and keeping us confined to dirty fossil fuels should also do the decent thing and put the environment before profit and bring an end to their well-financed public relations campaign. A ban on fracking will allow us to focus on stable jobs in energy efficiency and renewables.”