Aberdeen Greens publish Union Terrace Gardens statement


For immediate release 22 January 2012

Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Green Party has today published its 300-word statement for the Union Terrace Gardens referendum.*

 The Green Party is one of seven organisations which will have statements included in the referendum ballot mailing in support of retaining Union Terrace Gardens.

As the statements will appear in alphabetic order, the Green Party's statement will be the first on the side of retaining Union Terrace Gardens.

Green Party branch vice-convenor Rhonda Reekie said:

"Union Terrace Gardens are an important part of Aberdeen City Centre. We want to see the existing Gardens improved and upgraded, a
 revitalised green space in the heart of the city.

"The Green Party has been strongly opposed to the City Garden Project from the start. It is unnecessary, unaffordable and unpopular."

* The Green Party's referendum statement:

Vote to retain Union Terrace Gardens!

The City Garden Project is an unaffordable scheme that has already been rejected in two public consultations.

Far from Sir Ian Wood 'giving' £50 million, he is asking others to pay £90 million to build his pet project. There are much better things to do with £90 million.

If a new civic space is to be created, surely the right place is opposite Marischal College on the site of St Nicholas House?

Some money should be spent on the existing Union Terrace Gardens. Improvements, such as better access, are needed. Vote to keep the Gardens and, with the help of the Friends of Union Terrace Gardens, these improvements can be brought forward.

Union Terrace Gardens are a key feature of Aberdeen city centre. They form the setting for some of Aberdeen's best buildings.

The Gardens contain many fine mature trees which help reduce air pollution.

If the Gardens are built over, a green space in the city centre, part of Aberdeen's heritage, will be lost for ever. And we will all be the poorer for it.

Apart from some developers, few people will benefit economically from building the City Garden Project.

It is clear most Aberdonians are not convinced by the City Garden Project. An extensive public consultation in 2010 showed a majority wanted to retain Union Terrace Gardens but have them improved. The backers of the City Garden Project decided to ignore public opinion.

In 2011, the public's views were sought on six possible designs for the City Garden Project. Again the consultation results were ignored. 

This time, the Council will have to listen. Please add your voice to the thousands who have already spoken up for Aberdeen's heritage.

Vote 'Retain Union Terrace Gardens'.