A Labour government will seek to exploit Scotland just like the Tories

Scrapping the two-child benefit cap, replicating Scotland's pioneering Scottish Child Benefit, or raising billions for public services through progressive taxation? Not on Keir Starmer's watch.

Keir Starmer has made it clear Scotland will always be used to serve the needs of a Westminster government if he becomes Prime Minister, say the Scottish Greens.

On renewable energy, greener jobs, the economy and on the global stage the Labour Party view Scotland as a resource to be exploited like so many UK governments that have gone before, says Patrick Harvie MSP.

Scottish Greens co-leader, Patrick Harvie MSP, said:

“Keir Starmer seems oblivious to the needs of ordinary people during the cost of living crisis, failing to commit to any meaningful action that would lift millions out from the scourge of poverty, tackle the housing crisis and homelessness, or invest in our NHS.

“Labour, like the Tories, are only interested in putting profit before people and planet, failing to understand the urgency of climate breakdown while exploiting Scotland’s resources to fill Treasury coffers and pay bankers’ bonuses.

“An incoming Labour government could scrap the two-child benefit cap, and replicate the pioneering Scottish Child Payment for families throughout the UK. It could copy our progressive tax rates for high earners too, to fund public services. It could invest like never before in climate and nature, as the Scottish Greens are doing. But they won’t do any of these things. Instead they have reneged on the £28bn pledge for green investment that the country needs.

“Keir Starmer has made it clear Labour are only interested in Scottish votes and Scotland’s resources to serve the needs of a Westminster government.

“He talked of a new age of insecurity, but his disgraceful decision to stand with the Tories in support of Israel`s genocidal war in Palestine, and his repeated failures to call for an immediate ceasefire, have helped create that insecurity.

“All eyes will be on Starmer and his party this week when they are called upon to vote for an immediate ceasefire, most especially upon his two Scottish MPs. If they fail to stand up against the slaughter, they don’t deserve to serve as politicians.

“Like Tony Blair before him, Starmer’s dedication to bland, centrist politics prevents him from telling right from wrong, and his arrogance in thinking voters will simply accept that shows just how out of touch he and his party are.

“Labour may very well have the votes sewn up in England, but in Scotland people know they have alternatives, that they can make sure we have MPs who will work tirelessly to put the next Prime Minister under pressure to be bolder, to put progressive ideas in action, and to respect Scotland’s right to make our own choices.

“The Scottish Greens are committed to standing as many candidates as we can, because with Greens in the room, climate, the environment, nature, the needs of people and planet, independence and knowing right from wrong, will always be heard."