360 Centre Gets Community Backing

The Scottish Green Party has thrown its weight behind exciting community-led plans for the former power plant site in Cockenzie.

The proposed 360 Centre will provide young people with training, learning and jobs for the future. Local green candidates believe it's a vision that links our proud industrial past with the new industries of the future, and makes our area a site of national economic importance once again.

Plans for the site would also end the neglect of this stretch of coastline, transforming the Greenhills and shoreline, making the area a major attraction and wonderful place to visit, bringing in even more jobs and opportunities.

The East Lothian Greens manifesto will be launched shortly, confirming the party's support for the plans. Tim Porteus, Scottish Greens candidate for Preston, Seton & Gosford ward said:

East Lothian can be the heartland of Scotland's Green Industrial Revolution and we support ideas that will create jobs and help achieve Net Zero such as the 360 Centre.

I know, it sounds ambitious, and it is. And why shouldn't it be? We deserve this, our children and grandchildren deserve it.

In the past, working class communities were always huddled next to the noise and pollution of industry, living in the shadow of factories and industrial waste and pollution, their health and well-being ignored.

Well industry is rapidly changing, and we deserve the benefits of this new green revolution.