The Scottish Greens have today confirmed the results of their internal elections and the team who will lead the campaign to elect a record number of Green MSPs in May.Top team cropped

With strong polling indicating a huge opportunity for the Greens, these have been regarded as the most important internal elections in the party's history.

Following a month-long ballot of the party's 9,000 members, Patrick Harvie MSP remains male co-convener; North-east MSP candidate Maggie Chapman remains female co-convener.

Patrick's position was uncontested; Glasgow MSP candidate Zara Kitson contested the female co-convener position.

Other party positions, such as conveners of committees, are being confirmed to members.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

"A bolder Holyrood has never been more important. With today's internal elections the Scottish Greens confirm the team that will support our excellent candidates and activists to deliver our biggest ever campaign.

"I'd like to thank all those who stood for party positions. My congratulations to Maggie on winning the female co-convener contest and I look forward to both Zara and Maggie being elected as MSPs in May.

"With our surging membership we are in a great position to elect more Green MSPs from across Scotland's 8 regions. Other opposition parties are flat-lining or sinking in the polls but the Green trend is clearly upwards."

Maggie Chapman said:

"This has been a really exciting election, and I'm really pleased the Scottish Green Party has chosen my vision of a welcoming, socially just Scotland which works for good in the world. I am pleased over the past 2 years to have been able to lead the Scottish Greens to their best ever election result in the European election in 2014, and through a 7-fold increase in membership.

"I am also pleased to have been able to expand the appeal of the Scottish Greens like never before. I will continue to broaden the Green appeal. This result shows that we as a party won't settle for our comfort zone.

"I congratulate Zara on her campaign, and look forward to working with her and the other candidates to deliver the best yet result for our party in the Holyrood election next year. Next year's election is a great opportunity for us to make a really big impact on Scottish politics and to give a voice to the movements that are changing and will change our country and our world."

Zara Kitson said:

"I'm incredibly proud of everything we have achieved during this campaign. This election has been held in a very constructive spirit – it has energised our party, and is an excellent sign of where we've got to. It shows Scottish Greens are comfortable doing politics differently and holding a constructive debate. Well done to Maggie on a fantastic campaign, and for her continuing work to strengthen our party and get our message out to voters.

"Whether it's the need for rent controls or a fracking ban, radical land reform or community empowerment Green ideas have never been more necessary. Our time is now. I look forward to working with Maggie and our members to see a Green MSP elected in every region of Scotland in May.”