100 new oil licences shows a reckless disregard for people and planet

The Tories have taken a big leap towards climate breakdown.

The UK government’s decision to support 100 new fossil fuel exploration licences shows a total disregard for our environment and for future generations, warn the Scottish Greens.

The Scottish Greens climate and energy spokesperson, Mark Ruskell MSP said:

“This is an utterly reckless decision that will leave a long and destructive legacy. 

“It is probably the single most consequential decision Rishi Sunak will make as Prime Minister and he has chosen the worst possible option.

“It shows a total disregard for our environment and for future generations. If these licences go ahead it will be a big leap towards climate chaos.

“Climate breakdown is the greatest environmental threat that we will ever face. Our world is on fire. We are already way past the point when we should have been transitioning away from fossil fuels, yet Downing Street is choosing to double down on them. 

“Our planet is already experiencing record high temperatures. Without immediate and far reaching change the deadly fires and devastation we have seen in Greece and across Europe will become the new normal.

“Green energy is the safest, cheapest and cleanest energy available. We have a huge renewable potential and an abundance of natural resources that any country would envy. Those are the industries we should be supporting.

“The United Nations has led calls for an end to new oil and gas exploration. We should be listening to them and to the many climate scientists who have warned that we can't keep drilling.

“If we want to have any kind of sustainable future then we must invest in an immediate and just transition away from the dirty fossil fuels that are already doing so much damage and endangering so many lives.”

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