With 100 days to go to the Westminster election, the Scottish Greens are stepping up the case for an end to austerity.

In light of the victory in Greece for Syriza, the coalition of the radical left of which the Greens are a part, the MP candidate for the Scottish Greens' top target constituency is highlighting the growing public appetite to break with old politics.

The Scottish Greens expect to stand in around 30 of Scotland's 59 Westminster constituencies, with campaigns backed by a surging membership now at 8,500 and UK-wide opinion polls putting the Greens ahead of the Libdems.

Peter McColl, Scottish Green candidate for Edinburgh East, said:

"We've seen in Greece that there is a huge appetite for a break with the old politics of austerity and cuts. In 100 days we get the opportunity to take our country in a different direction.

"Greens have always argued against austerity, in favour of reindustrialising our economy through renewables and clean energy and for public services in public hands. Greens will transform our transport network by nationalising the railways. We will create thousands of well-paid jobs creating a secure and clean energy system and we will stop any further privatisation."

Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, said:

"Whether it's fracking, publicly-owned railways or the unfair TTIP trade deal, it's clear we're connecting with voters on key issues, with the other parties hurrying out new positions in response. Greens across the UK have long challenged the Westminster consensus on austerity; our vision of an economy with good jobs, better wages and strong public services is gaining momentum as we head towards an election like no other.

"Given Labour's decision to support the Coalition's charter for cuts, it's never been more important to get more Green MPs onto the Commons' green benches."