Alison Johnstone has expressed dismay that the final version of the Scottish Government’s climate plan contains no new policies despite months of scrutiny and pressure from the public.


Alison Johnstone, MSP for Lothian, said:

“This is a pretty dismal plan without a single upgraded policy despite months of scrutiny and suggestions. The missed climate targets should have been a massive kick up the backside of the Government but today they set us on a course that is highly likely to repeat this failure.

“The Government’s plans to cut transport emissions are widely recognised as wafer-thin with zero focus on reducing demand. The plans talk of 120,000 electric cars on our roads in just 7 years’ time, when there are currently just a few hundred, and meanwhile a pathetically small part of the transport budget is spent on infrastructure to improve cycling and walking.

“We seem to have moved no further forward on district heating despite its huge potential to warm our communities better. The Government’s own Expert Commission said they should expand the loan scheme to get projects moving but it remains at just £5m over several years.”