Scotland Can Ban Fracking

The Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy Paul Wheelhouse, today delivered a ministerial statement on Unconventional Oil and Gas.

The statement said nothing we didn’t already know. What remains clear is that the current moratorium on fracking in Scotland does not go far enough. The Scottish Government have so far refused to commit to a ban nor have they said whether they will go ahead with it.

For over three years Scottish Green MSPs have built the case against fracking in Parliament. We are now very close to winning this campaign and banning fracking for good.

Last June Parliament voted to ban fracking following cross-party agreement from Labour, the Lib-Dems and of course, the Greens. At this debate our own amendment made the case that fracking is "incompatible with Scotland's low-carbon ambitions". The SNP abstained on this vote once again showing their lack of commitment one way or another. It is imperative that the Scottish Government now recognises the will of the Scottish Parliament, and the Scottish People, and commits to banning fracking.

The Scottish Government is currently consulting on the future of unconventional oil and gas in Scotland. The responses to this consultation will shape Scottish energy policy for years to come.  It is critical that any ban that might emerge is legally watertight, and that it reflects evidence of genuine concerns of communities across Scotland. So please, make it clear to the Scottish Government that it is time to ban fracking once and for all. 


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