Fri 8 Nov, 2019

John Finnie

Highlands and Islands

John Finnie’s Member’s Bill on giving children in Scotland equal protection from assaults has been granted Royal Assent on November 7th becoming an Act, following last month’s passage by the Scottish Parliament. The Act which was supported by an overwhelming majority of the Scottish Parliament means that children in Scotland will soon be given the same legal protection from assault that adults currently enjoy. The Act’s main provision will come into effect on November 6th 2020.


MSPs voted 84-29 in favour, with only Conservative MSPs refusing to support it.


Commenting Mr Finnie said:

“I am absolutely delighted to hear that Royal Assent has been granted to my Member’s Bill. This sends a strong message that violence is never acceptable in any setting, and that our children deserve at least the same legal protections that adults enjoy. Physical punishment has no place in 21st century Scotland. The international evidence tells us that it can have serious impacts on children, and that it is not effective. Similar legislation is progressing right now in Wales and I hope that we will see similar steps taken in England and Northern Ireland very soon. 

“I am extremely proud to have brought forward the legislation that will enhance children’s rights in Scotland and I look forward to the full provisions of the Act coming into force.”

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