New academic paper: Short term lets and title conditions

Short term lets are quickly gaining the attention of academics who are curious about the worldwide impacts of this form of letting. Some researchers, for example, have considered aspects of delivering new innovations to tourist accommodation, while others have examined the role of planning and policymaking.

Until now there has been a lack of research on short term lets relating to Scots law .

Thankfully, Malcolm Combe of the School of Law at the University of Aberdeen, has recently published an article in Juridical Review, the law journal of the Scottish Universities, in which he frames a study of short term lets from a legal perspective in relation to title conditions.

A summary of this paper can be found on his blog.

Whilst acknowledging the relative successes, which short term lets bring to communities, Combe’s paper also notes that this presents a number of emerging challenges associated with growing demand. Although new legislation may be the ultimate regulatory response to short term lets, Combe’s research observes that it is worth paying heed to existing laws, such as controls placed on title deeds and burdens to manage this form of letting.