Steve has lived in Grimness for over 13 years with his wife Sarah, after re-locating from Edinburgh to start a family (one son, Sami, aged 13, and currently at KGS) and begin two small businesses: Gerraquoy Organic Farm and Orcadian Wildlife. He has experience of liaising with politicians at all levels: from Scottish local authorities, to the Scottish Government; Westminster Government; and European Commission and Directorates. Until very recently Steve was a Chair of the Orkney Tourism Group, and Chair of the ‘Hope school Parent Council.

Steve says:

“I think that it is important to stand as official Greens, since anyone can test our credentials by looking on the internet to access Scottish Green Party policies. Of course I will be campaigning strongly on local issues, and you don’t have to look very far to see how poorly green issues fare with the current composition of Independent Councillors.

“For example, an obvious issue that springs easily to mind is fuel poverty, and our inability to marry Orkney’s surplus renewable energy to where it’s most needed into individual households that are suffering the worst fuel poverty in Scotland. The formation of a local Renewable Power Company is such an obvious step to help resolve this that it speaks volumes for the class of 2012 that it hasn’t happened. It’s time for change.”