Donnie is a well known local campaigner on social and environmental issues. A leading light for the last two decades in the Scottish organic food movement, he lives on the family farm at Ardersier with his partner Sheena and two daughters, Morven and Isla and their families.

His farm-based Macleod Organics distributing to a wide range of customers across Scotland is a great example of ‘walking the walk’ instead of ‘talking the talk’ that is all to common in government.

He said:

“The time has surely come when Highland Council desperately needs a group of Green councillors to show the way forward. If a small group of us are elected, we will be able to show the way forward to a better future.

“The small group of Green MSPs recently elected to the Scottish parliament have already shown what can be achieved by delivering an extra £8.5 Million to the Highland Council budget to help avoid some of the current administrations ruthless cuts.”

“Culloden and Ardersier should be part of that alternative.”