EVENT: How Scotland can remain in the EU - Friday 29th March, Glasgow

When: 1pm – 2.30pm, Friday 29th March
Who: Hear from us as your party co-convenors, MSPs, EU nationals, Young Greens, and more.
Friday 29th March,
43 Cornwall St,
Glasgow G41 1BA

The Brexiteers planned to drag Scotland out of the EU against our will on the 29th March. It’s looking unlikely that they will succeed, for the now at least, but already havoc has been wreaked on all of us, particularly EU nationals, who have lived for years with uncertainty and the offensive and racist campaign that has been conducted by many on the Leave side.

The Greens have been at the heart of the fightback against this devastating assault on our democracy in Westminster and in Holyrood. But where do we go next?

Join us on Friday 29th March to discuss how Scotland can remain in the EU, and the role that Green politics has both in achieving this goal and in countering the growing narrative of imperialism, xenophobia and unbridled capitalism.

This event is open to members and supporters.