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We Must Embrace Multiculturalism

Cass Macgregor Fri 10 Feb

All too often immigrant communities in the UK are blamed for government decisions to cut services.  Government at all levels has a responsibility to adequately fund and plan for hospitals, schools and housing. We cannot simply take the financial benefits of migration without having more effective policy in place to facilitate integration. It is not acceptable that immigrant communities are blamed for poor planning and government cutbacks. This is also to the detriment of the global community and environment and is visible through the rise of the far right in Europe and the U.S.

Why Local Voices Should be at the Heart of the Planning Process

Christy Mearns Tue 7 Feb

Over the past few weeks I've been talking to residents about plans to demolish the Old College Bar on High Street to make way for a block of student flats. While gathering signatures for my petition, I have spoken to enough enthusiastic signees to demonstrate a real concern, not just of cultural heritage being ripped out of Glasgow, but also about the short-term, poor-quality architecture that we often see replacing it. Many people are jaded because of a lack a voice with which to influence decision-making, particularly in the planning process.


30 January, 2017 - 06:54

Question 1: Do you agree with the proposals? What overall comments would you like to make on the proposals?

We disagree with the proposals. We have concerns in a number of areas.

Walking a Cruel Line - The Cost of the Conservative's Jobcentre Closures

mro14417 Wed 25 Jan

The human cost, the sheer human cruelty, of the moves to close half of Glasgow’s jobcentre were chillingly related to us before we  set off on Monday on the second of our Scottish Green Party walks to highlight the reality of these Tory cuts.

Is 2017 the year of the universal basic income?

mro14417 Tue 24 Jan

Despite all the uncertainty of global politics and economics, a citizen’s income could help us Glaswegians regain some control in 2017.

In many ways 2016 was a bad year for progressives. Welfare cuts, unfair work conditions and food banks remained; attitudes hardened towards refugees and immigrants; and right wing populists won the vote over Brexit and the White House. But, behind all of this, 2016 was also a year in which those wanting a more economically just, open and equal world also made their mark.

Jobcentre Closures - Why We Must Say "No"

mro14417 Fri 13 Jan

This morning I walked from Bridgeton Jobcentre to Shettleston Jobcentre. Bridgeton, together with Parkhead, are two of the seven Glasgow Jobcentres the DWP proposes to close, with claimants attending these two centres being transferred to Shettleston. As the Green candidate for Calton, the ward which covers both Jobcentres, I find these proposals extremely worrying. The further away a job centre is, the more difficult it is for people to get there to claim the benefits to which they are entitled, and to get assistance and support to find work.

Radical Solutions such as Universal Basic Income are Needed to Improve Glasgow's Health

Cass Macgregor Sun 8 Jan

In response to a question from Green Cllr Kieran Wild, at Glasgow City Council full council meeting on 8th Dec, (Labour) Cllr Matt Kerr confirmed that the administration is beginning to explore a trial of Universal Basic Income in Glasgow.

Glasgow Greens Warn of Millions Cut from Council Budget

21 December, 2016 - 12:23

Greens in Glasgow are highlighting how Glasgow City Council is set to have 3.3% less to spend on local services after a cut in revenue funding from the Scottish Government.

The party says the Scottish Government has not given councils a fair deal. The draft budget fails to use new powers to come up with fairer funding proposals for councils to tackle Westminster austerity cuts.

Allan Faulds, Glasgow Greens spokesperson for Local Finance and candidate for Victoria Park said:

Is it naïve to challenge the political status quo?

mko5498 Sun 27 Nov

This September, I had the honour to be selected as the Green local council candidate for Southside Central in Glasgow.

The autumn months have been my chance to get my bearings before the local election campaign properly kicks off in the New Year. Learning about the area I’m standing to represent, and getting to know the people who live there, are probably the most important tasks for me over the coming months. 

Selection Announcement - Glasgow Council 2017

21 December, 2015 - 15:41

The following people have been successfully elected as the Scottish Green candidates for the following wards in 2017 Glasgow City Council elections:

Partick West: Allan Faulds

Dowanhill/Kelvindale: Martin Bartos

Hillhead: Martha Wardrop

Anderston/City/Yorkhill: Christy Mearns

Canal: Andrew Smith

Govan: Allan Young

Southside Central: Cass Macgregor