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We Need the Reinstatement of Land-Banked Green Spaces

Christy Mearns Tue 11 Apr, 2017

Glasgow is blighted with derelict sites that are being kept out of productive use, by developers, and at the community’s expense. Glasgow City Council needs to do more to weed out bad practice and ensure that, once planning permission is granted, building and completion happens within an appropriate timescale.

Why Vote Green in Govanhill?

Cass Macgregor Fri 7 Apr, 2017

Govanhill is the largest area in Glasgow’s four councillor Southside Central ward.  Those seats are currently held by two Labour and two SNP Councillors. Increased support for the Greens in recent polling could mean a larger green group than ever before, with the chance to hold the balance of power at Glasgow City council.

I’ve been out knocking on doors and listening to residents in Govanhill since November. There are many issues raised around poorly maintained housing; waste management, cleanliness and social cohesion. Often the issues are interlinked.

Air Pollution Over the Legal Limit Around Local Primary Schools

Christy Mearns Wed 5 Apr, 2017

It has come as no shock to me that air pollution levels around the M8 motorway and St Patrick’s Primary school in Anderston are above the EU legal limit, according to a Friends of the Earth ‘Clean Air Kit’ test result.

Greens Stand Up for One School-One Janitor

Tanya Wisely Sun 12 Mar, 2017

Janitors play a vital role in Glasgow’s schools, maintaining the grounds and buildings and keeping them safe and secure. The janitorial service is run by Cordia,  one of the arms-length companies  (or ALEOs) wholly owned by the Council. Cordia have proposed a ‘cluster model’ for primary schools and nurseries that instead of ensuring one janitor per school would provide three or four janitors to support six establishments within a geographical area, or five or six janitors to cover eight.

Labour's final Glasgow budget should be the last one like it

Jon Molyneux Tue 21 Feb, 2017

By Jon Molyneux, spokesperson for Local Democracy, and Allan Faulds, spokesperson for Finance.

Last Thursday, Cllr Philip Braat had the job of moving what everyone expects will be Labour’s final Glasgow City Council budget for quite some time.

Glasgow Green Councillors' Budget to Protect Public Services and Provide Radical New Transport Plans for the City

Wed 15 Feb, 2017

Green Councillors in Glasgow are looking to capitalise on the £17m extracted from the SNP by Green MSPs in Holyrood with their budget proposals for the city, including the protection of local services and radical new transport plans for the city.

Glasgow’s Green Councillors will push to reverse planned cuts to community safety, school janitors and sheltered housing as Glasgow City Council meets to discuss its budget for 2017-18.

Tackling Air Quality in Glasgow

Martha Wardrop Sun 12 Feb, 2017

In Glasgow, our Green Councillors have been very active on tackling air pollution and agree that the level of air pollution, and in particular the fact that pollutants in Glasgow are breaching legal limits, is unacceptable. Green councillors view this as a public health emergency.

Green Councillors have consistently urged stronger action to tackle air pollution since being first elected to Glasgow City Council, including supporting the proposal for a bike loan scheme way back in 2008.

We Must Embrace Multiculturalism

Cass Macgregor Fri 10 Feb, 2017

All too often immigrant communities in the UK are blamed for government decisions to cut services.  Government at all levels has a responsibility to adequately fund and plan for hospitals, schools and housing. We cannot simply take the financial benefits of migration without having more effective policy in place to facilitate integration. It is not acceptable that immigrant communities are blamed for poor planning and government cutbacks. This is also to the detriment of the global community and environment and is visible through the rise of the far right in Europe and the U.S.

Why Local Voices Should be at the Heart of the Planning Process

Christy Mearns Tue 7 Feb, 2017

Over the past few weeks I've been talking to residents about plans to demolish the Old College Bar on High Street to make way for a block of student flats. While gathering signatures for my petition, I have spoken to enough enthusiastic signees to demonstrate a real concern, not just of cultural heritage being ripped out of Glasgow, but also about the short-term, poor-quality architecture that we often see replacing it. Many people are jaded because of a lack a voice with which to influence decision-making, particularly in the planning process.


Mon 30 Jan, 2017

Question 1: Do you agree with the proposals? What overall comments would you like to make on the proposals?

We disagree with the proposals. We have concerns in a number of areas.