Fri 1 Sep, 2017

Residents are being asked for their views about a proposal to reopen Burntisland’s Post Office in a new location.

The Post Office in Burntisland closed in January following a robbery, with local residents and businesses having to travel to nearby towns to access the Post Office’s services ever since. Our conversations with local residents have revealed the inconvenience this has caused, particularly to the self-employed and those unable to drive. 

The new proposal will restore this vital service to the town, with the Post Office due to reopen within Murdoch’s, further along the High Street from the previous location, on 28th September.

Local residents and interested parties are invited to comment on the proposals. You can do this by emailing, by calling 03457 223344 or texting 03457 223355.

The consultation is open until 29th September (with this period being unaffected by the proposed date for reopening).




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