Tue 3 Nov, 2015

Politics affects everybody. Although politics is often portrayed as nothing more than some white, stale, middle class old men trading soundbites, it effects people like us. Councillors make decisions on the things that matter to us most: the local economy, the environment, education, planning and much, much more. Despite that, thousands of people my age still won’t vote. Lewis Campbell

Exciting times in West Fife, with two Green candidates standing in the respective by-elections for Dunfermline North and Rosyth on Thursday 26th November 2015.

Cairinne MacDonald – Rosyth

Cairinne has experience of decision making and debate, as she was elected as a Member of The Scottish Youth Parliament at the age of 15 and served for 2 years

Cairinne is a sessional youth worker with the YMCA, studying Community, Learning and Development at Dundee University, and has been involved in community work from a young age.

Lewis Campbell – Dunfermline North

Lewis previously stood in the Dunfermline and West Fife Westminster constituency election earlier this year, and is especially concerned about getting younger people to participate. Lewis is currently a student.

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