Mon 2 Jan, 2017

Greens have been clear that using the Scottish Parliament’s tax powers to tackle poverty and protect public services should be a priority. Local services such as social care and education are under huge pressure, yet this draft budget shows Fife Council will have 2% less revenue to spend. This will likely lead to a reduction in local services or increased charges for local residents. It's also not clear what sanction Fife Council faces if it tries to raise Council Tax by more than the three per cent limit Scottish Ministers have set. The Scottish Government must raise its ambitions and work with Green and other MSPs ahead of February's vote on the budget to get a better deal for people living in Fife. Scott Rutherford, candidate for Burntisland, Kinghorn and Western Kirkcaldy


Greens in Fife are highlighting how Fife Council is set to have 2% less to spend on local services after a cut in revenue funding from the Scottish Government.

The party says the Scottish Government has not given councils a fair deal. Holyrood has new powers to raise revenue and got more cash from Westminster, but still cut local budgets. 

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