Thu 16 Jun, 2016

I’m originally from Germany but have made Fife my home, I feel strongly that we must defend the ties that we’ve built between our nations and work together for a better, more sustainable future for all of us Kerstin Romano, Fife Green Party Co-Convenor

Fife Greens are calling on voters to choose to remain in the European Union in the referendum this Thursday the 23rd of June. The Scottish Green Party this week published a “letter to Scotland” which urges voters to look beyond the “shallow” debate on immigration and the economy and asks them to consider the progress already made in reforming the EU.

Maggie Chapman, Scottish Green Party Co-Convener said;

"We are appealing to every voter in Scotland to vote remain and help to build a better Europe. The debate so far has been dominated by a right-wing story that blames the EU for all our problems and says we need to shut our borders. This casual racism masks the fact that the same people leading the Leave campaign are the ones who have destroyed our social security system, supported tax evasion and imposed austerity on us all. Yet, by working with Greens and progressives across Europe, we have already made great progress in bringing the banks to bear for the havoc they’ve wreaked and we’ve shone a light on shady trade deals like TTIP. It’s only by working together with like minded people across the EU that we can make the changes that Europe so desperately needs.

Fife Greens will be out on the streets appealing to voters in Fife to support our continued membership of the EU, which has helped us to build peace, win crucial rights and equalities at work and at home, and protect our environment; all benefits that we stand to lose if the UK public votes to leave.

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