Thu 13 Apr, 2017

Glen McGill

Glenrothes Central and Thornton

We know Glenrothes lacks a centralised night-time economy and like any town it has its problems.

But rather than bemoan what is wrong, what do you like about the town? What is going well and can act as a catalyst for further improvement?

The Kingdom Centre is regularly far busier than high streets in similar towns. The choice of cafes and lunch spots has improved and there are fewer empty units than in many similar centres.

The Kino cinema was very busy when I last attended and it's great to have this option as an alternative to travelling to Dunfermline. The Shimla Palace is another very welcome occupant of this building.

We'll soon be seeing the town in full bloom again and it really has to offer one of Fife's best displays of roadside flowers and shrubs which prevents it looking like the concrete jungle of some 'new towns'.

The bus services provide some good links particularly having so many express services to key cities and towns.

By all means, talk about what needs to change. But let's start with what is working well and what could encourage more improvement, more development.

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