Fri 17 Mar, 2017

Susan Jeynes

Kirkcaldy North

Green MSPs played a key role in the 2017 budget negotiations in Holyrood, securing an extra £160m for councils across Scotland. In Fife this meant an additional £10.78m to spend in 2017/18, which saw some of the most damaging cuts proposed  in the draft budget in November being scrapped.

These had included proposals to increase class sizes in Fife schools to the maximum legal limit, removing free bus passes from some pupils, and closing all remaining public toilets in Fife.

But there are still some huge cuts to come from the budget passed this year by the Labour administration, including a massive £3m from the teaching budget, and significant cuts to youth work and adult education.

Green councillors will continue to fight for fair funding for the education, health care and transport services Fife residents rely on so much.

We want to see a Participatory Budgeting process, where residents get a proper say in the budget decisions and help ensure funds are spend on the things most important to you.

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