We can make history in the West of Scotland

It was an honour to be selected as to lead the campaign for the Scottish Parliament in the West of Scotland region. With consistently positive polling and a huge growth in local membership, I’m looking to make history and become the first ever Green MSP for the West of Scotland.

I’ve campaigned locally on a range of issues, such as stopping school closures & supermarket expansion and was elected to represent Clydebank & Milngavie in the Scottish Youth Parliament from 2011-13.

During the referendum, I was Yes Scotland's Communities Coordinator, playing a key role in building the grassroots movement for independence.

At the last Scottish Parliament election, we had only a few dozen members in the West, today it's closer to a thousand.  With a proportional voting system and growing Green support we're hopeful of making history in May. I'm looking forward to a campaign which shows how Scotland can use the powers we have to bring about transformative change in our society. Whether it's through not just protecting but enhancing the NHS, empowering young people through education or building affordable homes, Green priorities are Scotland's priorities and in May I hope to give them a voice in Parliament.