Vote for what you believe in.

This election is unlike any other. For the first time the Scottish Greens are standing the majority of Scotland’s 59 Westminster seats. We’re enjoying a membership surge with almost 9,000 activists campaigning across the country. Our excellent local candidates are getting a great response to our vision of more powers for Scotland and for local communities, keeping public services in public hands and tackling poverty by lifting wages and ending the unfair sanctions regime.


Scottish Greens want an economy where people matter, with more local employment. With a £10 minimum wage for all by 2020 we could ensure no-one is forced to work in a job that leaves them struggling to make ends meet. And with a wealth tax on the super-rich we could ensure decent funding for the public services we all rely on.


Our clear and principled opposition to the dangerous TTIP trade deal and the threat posed by fracking have won us respect. With Scottish Green MPs we can stay focused on cutting energy bills by insulating our homes, developing clean technologies and supporting small businesses to bring about more secure jobs.


On Thursday, vote for what you believe in. Vote for equality not poverty. Vote Green.