Three Ways To Elect A Green MSP For West of Scotland

There are fifteen days left in this election campaign.

That's fifteen days to secure a better Scotland and a bolder Holyrood by electing a record number of Green MSPs, fifteen days to persuade voters that Scotland can ban fracking, create over 200,000 new jobs and guarantee a future for all of our young people.

Here are three ways you can make sure I'm elected as the West of Scotland's first Green MSP:

Put up a window poster
Friends and neighbours are up to seven times as influential as journalists or politicians when it comes to how you vote. Get yourself a poster from one of our stalls or the campaign hub at the STUC and get it in the window as soon as possible.

Get our newsletter through doors
We've delivered tens of thousands of newspapers to target areas across the region and now it's time to deliver our local newsletters. If you can spare an hour or two to deliver a run of newsletters just email our campaign team. We have ten days to get these out before the eve of poll cards arrive and then it's a race against time to get those out as well before it's all over. If you've been thinking about getting out on the campaign trail, now is the time.

Donate to our digital campaign
It's too late to print more campaign material but we can reach thousands of target voters online every single day with your help. Targeted advertising, focussing on voters in specific areas and with specific interests will help us get over the edge on May 5th.