North East campaign going well

Scottish Green Party members and supporters are campaigning hard across the north-east for a successful outcome in the Scottish Parliament election on 5 May.

Green Party helpers are busy distributing the Party's election tabloid newspaper, North East News, in places from Banff to Dundee.

I have been taking part in a range of hustings meetings. Yesterday, for example, I was in the panel for the Ballater Business Association event in the town's Albert Memorial Hall. Since the weather was glorious, I took advantage of the visit to put out our newspaper in areas close to the Hall.

I travelled up to Ballater and back on the bus via Banchory and Aboyne. Royal Deeside was looking its best with the trees just coming into leaf. Campaigning doesn't get much better than this.

In fact, a lot of campaigning activity has been taking place in wonderful spring weather. Last weekend the party had a stall next to Desperate Dan in Dundee City Centre. It was almost too hot.

We are getting a good reception everywhere. Of course, like every other party, only a proportion of those we speak to are intending to vote for us, or thinking about it. But then, the Scottish Green Party needs just six per cent of the votes on the second, peach-coloured, ballot paper for me to be elected as a north-east regional MSP.

We are being helped by an excellent national campaign. The Party's election broadcast shown last week was particularly good.

With just under three weeks to go, we have every reason to be optimistic.