New Year’s message: Scottish Greens Co-Leader Lorna Slater

We've come to the end of a very difficult year and we face an uncertain future. The new UK Government should make us fear the worst for vulnerable people in our society, for intolerance and for the rights of our EU citizens. With the New Year we need to find new hope. While we can hope for a separate path for Scotland we can also begin to build a new Scotland now. By being bold and progressive, Scotland can be even more distinct and lead the way in the UK. We can all play a part in this. Looking out for each other and showing solidarity can be an act of rebellion.

2020 will see the world climate summit COP26 come to Glasgow. This event should be profoundly shameful to both the UK Government and the Scottish Government, as neither has taken any realistic or practical action to avert the climate catastrophe that is bearing down upon all of us. An emergency requires immediate radical action, which they haven't taken. Here, too, we must build the resistance; we know that our children deserve a future. Taking to the streets with our young people to hold those governments to account is one of the things I look forward to most this year. We can avert catastrophe and build a better future together.

Happy New Year from the Scottish Greens. We look forward to rebelling with you.