Help elect more Green councillors than ever before

Over the last few weeks we have heard about the hard work of our current Green councillors and their successes as well as learning more about some of our fantastic candidates and why they are standing for local council.

We are standing more candidates in more places than ever before but we can’t elect them without help from people like you.

Here are just some of the ways you can get involved:


Our volunteers and activists help us win elections by reaching out to as many potential Green voters as possible. We always have a range of activities available to suit everyone’s abilities – from canvassing, delivering leaflets and street stalls, to phoning supporters, data entry or putting a ‘Vote Green’ poster in your window.

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, socialise and learn some new skills or develop ones you didn’t even know you had. Sign up as a volunteer here:


The Scottish Greens do not rely on the corporate donations and large amounts of taxpayers’ money other parties in Parliament receive. Others count on million pound donations, whereas we are funded with hundreds of small donations from people like you.

You can donate at any time via but if you can, consider giving a monthly donation. Even £5 a month goes a long way to fund the campaigns you care about.

Social Media

Sharing the Green message on social media is an invaluable campaigning tool. As well as following the main Scottish Green Party Facebook page and Twitter account @scotgp for regular news and update, check to see if your local branch has its own account for more on local activities and campaigns that you can get involved with.

The more you like and share our content with your friends, the more people we can reach with the message that Greens will stand up for their local communities and how important it is to ‘Vote Green 1’ on 4th May. Thanks to so many people liking and sharing our PEB video, it was viewed over 19,000 times!

With everyone so busy, you may know some people that don’t know it’s polling day and you can help do your bit with getting out the vote. Sign up to our Thunderclap here to tweet a reminder, or send them a message on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to help them remember to get to their local polling station to cast their vote before 10pm.

You can post photos of you out and about campaigning on social media, make sure to use the hashtags #ActiveGreens, #PowerInYourHands and #VoteGreen to let people know what you’ve been up to and show that Greens are working to secure as many votes as possible.

Have you spotted any posters on your way home from school, college, uni or work, or you spot them on your way to the polling station? Let us know using the hashtag #GreenWindaes.

Host an Event or Fundraiser

Within your local branch you can help organise fundraising events such as pub quizzes, raffles or coffee mornings which help provide more campaign materials. You can also help to organise public meetings, leaflet runs and canvassing sessions as a great way to speak to more people in your community about what Greens are doing for them.

Go Green!

With our newly launched shop you can find our new t-shirt designs and tote bags, wear a badge, or display a window poster. We will be adding new items shortly so keep an eye out for even more ways to be visible.

Watch and share our PEB

For the first time, Scottish Greens have been entitled to a party election broadcast for the local elections. We worked with a great production company to come up with a really powerful video which has been broadcast on TV. You can still watch and share it here:

Vote Green #1 on 4th May 2017

Local council elections use STV so you get a chance to rank candidates in order of preference. As a smaller party we need as many ‘Green #1’ votes as possible so we can stay in the running long enough to benefit from the transfers from larger parties.