Extreme weather and the end of cheap oil

Everyone will have a story to tell about how this extreme weather has affected them. The image that sticks in my mind is walking 45 minutes through the snow to pick up my son from nursery. St Leonards road was filled with people. Walking, talking, helping each other and mostly having fun. Things were more serious for people trapped in cars or relying on vital services to get through. But it gave us a glimpse of our vulnerability to nature and our dependance on bringing stuff in - whether fuel, food or energy - to cater for our basic needs. As a society we need to plan for stronger, more resilient communities and a life lived more locally. Whether it's extreme weather or when cheap oil runs out, we will reap the benefits if we prepare for it now.

Kirsten Robb
Lanarkshire Greens

Kirsten is the Greens' top candidate for Central Scotland in the May 2011 Holyrood election.