5 ways being a member of the EU benefits workers today


“The European Parliament, in their foolishness, have voted for increased maternity pay. I’m off for a drink.”


Those are the words of Vote Leave campaigner and UKIP leader Nigel Farage back in 2010. Fast forward to 2016 and it’s not uncommon for leading figures in the Vote Leave campaign to be heard suggesting that hard won workers rights like maternity leave, holiday pay and limits on the hours we can work should be taken away by leaving the European Union.

The Scottish Green Party believe that Scotland is Greener IN Europe. That’s why we're campaigning for a remain vote in the European Referendum on the 23rd of June.

We want to safeguard European laws on workers' rights, on women’s rights and on human rights. It is because of the EU that these rights, won through hard fought battles by trade unionists, by women, and others, are enshrined in law in every country across Europe, and that's something to celebrate.

Here's just 5 ways being a member of the EU benefits workers today.







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