Orkney Islands Council will soon decide whether to approve a new salmon farm off Papa Westray – against the will of many local residents. The tiny island is already penned in by fish farms on 3 sides; this new farm in East Moclett Sound would make it completely surrounded.  

Locals already have to work year-round clearing salmon farm waste and debris from their beaches and shores. They don’t want to lose their last stretch of shoreline where they can swim or enjoy the beach without noise and pollution. And they are concerned about the impact on tourism and visitors who are crucial to their local economy.  

The proposed farm also puts nature at risk. Sea currents flow past the site to the nearby Marine Protected Area, putting it at risk from chemical and faecal waste. It would also likely damage the nearby seagrass meadow which helps protect against climate change by capturing blue carbon.

Help us by emailing Orkney Islands Councillors and asking them to reject this fish farm proposal.

Help us by asking Orkney Islands Councillors to speak out against this fish farm proposal

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