Fri 22 Mar, 2019

The Scottish Green Party have just started the process for nominating a list of candidates for EU Elections in May.

As Young Greens we believe Scotland shouldn't be dragged out of the EU against our will in the first place. However, it's a damning indictment of Theresa May's government and her utterly farcical negotiations that with one week left to go until the planned Brexit day, we still have no idea what the future holds.

The UK now has an Article 50 extension that could be any number of lengths, depending on whether Parliament takes back control of the Brexit process from a floundering Prime Minister, or whether she gets her damaging deal through in a last ditch effort to prevent an even more damaging No Deal. It's clear now that the only real option available in this timescale is to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU, as Young Green MSP Ross Greer's court case found the UK has the right to do.

We stand in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of New Scots, whether or not they are citizens of other EU Countries, whose education, jobs and families have been put at risk by Brexit and by the Tories vicious Hostile Environment policies. We affirm that xenophobia has no place in our society.

We know an overwhelming majority of young people across Scotland and the rest of the UK voted to Remain in the EU. It's our future that is on the line. Whether it's action on the Climate Emergency, defending Worker's Rights, clamping down on Tax Avoidance, or protecting vital Public Services, the kind of hard-right No Deal Brexit the ERG and the DUP want to see will wreck that future.

The best future is a Green future within the EU. At the last EU Elections in Scotland, we came close to electing a Green MEP. Now more than ever, we need more Green voices elected across the UK. And now more than ever, we need young voices to be put at the centre of every conversation.

Members of Scottish Young Greens Council will be putting ourselves forward for selection as candidates. We urge other Young Greens to join us in doing so, and call on all members of the Scottish Green Party to give your backing to Young Green candidates throughout this process.

It's our future, and our voices matter.

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