Tue 4 Apr, 2017

Anthony Carroll

SYG Co-Convenor

Over the weekend, Scottish Young Greens delegates attend the Global Young Greens congress in Liverpool. 43 Young Green Groups from across the world were represented, although we are deeply angry at the UK Government due to its regressive Visa system, which barred 80% of African Young Green delegates from attending.

Despite setbacks such as this, it was a very productive congress, where we connected with many Young Greens interested in Scotland currently, in particular expressing support for being allowed to determine its own future. Together, Young Green groups voted on amendments to further bolster the Global Young Green organisation, as well as electing a new steering committee.

The Scottish Young Greens, along with delegates from France, Australia, Germany & Hungary, created improvements for the creation of working groups, and SYG delegates also amended motions to expanded gender equality for internal elections & the steering committee to include intersex, Trans & non-binary people.

On an international platform, we have forged connections with countries and regions throughout the globe, where we stand together taking part in building a new generation that works to make a global, greener future.  Be sure to watch our video update above too!

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